Sunday, 15 April 2012

Teenagers And Life~!

Assalamualaikum :)

Ika is here again. I'm going to talk about Teenagers And Life.
Okay, as you all know, teenagers are always changing their moods. The parents always babble about us teenagers being stuck-up brat or such, no ?

However, what they don't know about their teenage child or children is, that they wanted 'em to gives some time together. Like a parent-children bonding :)

Next, teenagers always have problems but parents rarely take note to their child(ren) changes.
I don't know you but my parents always like what I'm doing, but I have to tell them about my favourite and hobbies.. So they'll know what I like to do. They also encourages me to write stories as they know I love to write books.. Unfortunately, my mum didn't really like me drawing anime. 
Haiz, that's the on;ly thing she didn't like me doing. I stopped doing it but I still draws although not much :')

Hey, maybe if you have problems, you can confide in me.. I'll try to help, maybe it's not much but it's better than keeping it secret in your heart.. :)

OH, gotta go. I'm having my flu and my brother are using my tablet till the battery is low. Darn him !
See ya again !

Me, prussianlatino_princesa96, logging out ;)

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