Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Me Starter Introduction :)

Hola :)

Back to my own burrow of writings, I decided to make a new blog and starting with some new topics. 
Hope it's more interesting than my old bubbly blog, hopefully. XD

Okay, for those who didn't even know who am I, I am Ikarin Atiqah or 'famousely' known as Ika. I'm a newbie bloggers who was searching for love, happiness and joyfulness of life. Me aged 15 and 3 months old, literally, because this year I'm 16 :) Additionally, I studied in Pure Science stream in a Malaysian secondary school.

Anyway, me gusta xD I have a group named 'Famouse 6'. There's no reason why we choose the name 'Famouse', maybe because we're following the track of Famous 5 detective team. However, we are not detective :)

Okay, I blurt too long, needa go now. Big Time Rush is waiting for me. Haha,
Oh yeah, I'mma big Rushers okay ! Love 'em so much ! ;)

See you soon in the next post, 'Teenagers and Life !'
Me, wanna sign out now ~

prussianlatino_princesa96, logging out <3

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